I know finding the right photographer can be a daunting task. I'd like to help simplify the process by providing a comprehensive list of services that I offer, what they include, and the corresponding price range to expect. This list is in no way comprehensive and I'm open to any and all types of photo and video projects. If you need something you don't see here, please feel free to reach out through the contact page. Thank you!

Photo Work

(additional travel fees may apply for locations over 20 miles away)

Standard portrait sessions: Starting at $250

  • Individual

  • couple

  • family

Whether you'd like to showcase yourself, announce an engagement\life event, or update those family photos; I have you covered.

I can travel to your location or we can meet somewhere else beautiful for up to a 2 hour session. In this package your location is the backdrop and I will provide lighting and posing to help you look your best within it. I will show you a preview on the day of some of the images taken and you can decide which you'd like me to process for digital or print. Up to 20 high resolution images (along with web sized copies for easy sharing through e-mail or social media) delivered within 2 weeks.

Portable Studio Portrait Session: Starting at $350

  • Individual

  • Couple

  • family

Similar to the standard portrait session but for indoor stylized background shots with a professional backdrop. These are great for clean images that really put a distraction free focus on the subject(s)

Artistic Studio Portrait Session: Starting at $350

  • Individual

  • Couple

  • Family

These sessions include special shoots and edits to bring a specific artistic vision to life. Up to 10 images will be presented with basic edits and 2 will be stylized to suit the project's artistic vision. Ideas include magic and mystery, fantasy art, medieval, faux "oil painting". We will take the time to plan on outfits, make-up, poses, lighting, background to seamlessly convert the images into timeless works of art.

Corporate Headshots: Starting at $200

  • Individuals

Make your resume and professional life stand out with a professional headshot. A bright and clean photo purposefully designed to get the viewer interested in having you be part of the team or company. I will come to your location and we will create up to 5 professional images for your business life.

Large Group Photos: Starting at $500

Do you need an entire baseball team in one image? Maybe a cheer squad? Fire or Police department? Large groups present unique challenges such as high powered strobes and large light modifiers on heavy duty stands in order to provide maximum clarity of every individual in the shot. I will come to your location and make it happen providing up to 15 full resolution images along with lower res copies for easy sharing on the web and social media.

Product Photography: Call with details of what you'd like so I can tailor a reasonable quote

Consistent product shots can be vitally important. Whether for a menu, catalogue, online store or advertisement. As product photography varies in complexity depending on the product (for example: cars and large furniture are very different to shoot than soap and small figurines) I will need more information in order to provide a quote. Let me help your products stand out from the competition. When calling for a quote please provide the number of products, any personal branding aspects you'd like the theme to fit well with (specific colors, rustic, modern, low\high key etc) as well as any other specific formatting requirements. Final images can be delivered in any predetermined aspect ratio in high resolution for print as well as with reduced sizes provided for easy integration into websites or online advertising.

Photo Event

Birthday: Starting at $500 for up to 3hrs on location

Let me capture the magic of your relative or child's special day with high quality candid photos from the party. These are either flash or natural light photos of the Birthday boy\girl, guests and detail shots. Up to 50 of the best images will be professionally processed and delivered to you in high resolution with reduced sized copies also provided for easy sharing with friends and family.

Anniversary: Starting at $650 for up to 4 hours on location

Beginning with a special couples portrait session and continuing the day with candid photos of the happy couple and their guests. I will do everything I can to capture the memory of this very special day. Up to 100 images will be professionally processed and delivered to you in high resolution with reduced sized copies also provided for easy sharing with friends and family.

Weddings: Starting at $1700 for up to 8 hours across up to 3 locations (prep, ceremony, reception)

Allow me to capture every moment of your special day from detailed shots of the rings, outfits and decor to stunning photos of you and all of your guests looking their best. The starting price includes myself and a helper to ensure we capture every moment without monopolizing all of you and your guest's time. Whether you'd like to provide a detailed shot list or have me arrange with your wedding planner, my goal is to provide you with the very best images in an organized and efficient way so you can focus on celebrating. After the event and within a timely manner I will send you all the best of what I have captured, all processed and delivered in high resolution along with reduced sizes for easy sharing with friends and family. That's right, they're all yours! Also, if you want me to handle arrangements for prints or a photobook, I can handle that for you as well for a nominal fee.

Other Events: Starting at $600 for up to 3 hours

Whether it's a company picnic, corporate party, fundraiser, dance, church function or municipal event; allow me to capture the highlights and memories.

Video Services

Standard Highlight event: $1200

I will come to your event for up to 3 hours and capture details and highlights that I will also edit into a short video using creative commons stock music so you can share on social media without copyright claims. Turnaround times usually within 2 weeks of shoot. This is perfect for birthdays, grand openings, capturing memories, or to draw excitement for a recurring event.

Business Advertisement: Starting at $3000

An end to end solution to a professional video ad. I will work with you and your employees to create an enticing and exciting view of your business. I'll be there from concept to execution. We'll start by setting up a meeting so I can see the location and to brainstorm on ideas for the theme, concept and overall vision to ensure we're all on the same page. Then we will schedule a shoot day. I'll let you know what shots we'll need and what it will take to get them . On the day of the shoot I only ask that everyone involved shows up looking their best and understanding their role in the project. I will include any provided logos or branding in the edit and deliver you a high resolution final "master" copy that you can run on television as well as a version compressed for web use.

Highlight Wedding: $1800

I will capture the details of your special day from prep to ceremony and reception and deliver you a beautiful highlight video of all the best moments set to creative commons music so you can share it with the world without risk of copyright claims. Despite being our lowest priced video package for weddings you will still be getting multiple angles of your ceremony filmed in high resolution and care will be taken to deliver you the best edit possible. Book with confidence.

Wedding Plus: $2300

Everything in the highlight wedding package PLUS the full ceremony with a multi angle edit and high quality audio capturing every moment as well as the audio of all reception toasts delivered as separate video files.

Wedding Documentary: $3000

Everything in the wedding plus package as well as interviews with Bride. Groom, Parents of both, and any special guests so they can add their thoughts and well wishes.

Music Video: Starting at $3000 per shoot day plus $300 consultation

Do you have an awesome band and a great location? Reach out and discuss your artistic vision and I'll see if I can help to make it a reality. We can meet first, discuss the intended "story" and listen to the track. Decide on the mood and tone. Any effects you may want to be included and then schedule a shoot day at everyone's convenience.

Short films: Starting at $3000 per shoot day plus consultation fee

Do you have a script you'd like to breathe some life into, a great cast but need someone knowledgeable with camera work, lighting, audio and editing to help bring it all together? Give me a call and we'll discuss how to make it a reality.

Dates are secured with a 50% deposit with the other 50% due on the day of the shoot. Every job will include a contract to be signed at time of booking. Some jobs, such as music videos, short films and advertisements, will require model releases to be signed by anyone being filmed or photographed.