About Me

The Dean Formica Experience

I have been in the event services industry for over 15 years. First as a performer and DJ with credits in music videos and  newspaper articles and as a producer for, what was at the time, the largest Sideshow in NJ (The Amazing Traveling Circus Sideshow). I have always had a passion for the arts, having studied at M.C.C. and Ducret School of Art with a focus on Fine art, Media and Design as well as studying Graphic Arts as far back as high school. I first started making and editing videos seriously in 2009 with a small tape fed camcorder, both as a hobby and to promote our show. As time went on I learned more about the importance of good composition, lighting, sound and every other aspect that goes into creating great images and compelling video.  

So why mention my entertainer past as the opening for my Photo services? Well, because I actually find a crossover between the skills that make a great entertainer and the skills that make a great image or video; genuine human emotion. Put simply, a genuine smile shows through. It also helps me to create exciting and entertaining videos that keeps your viewers engaged and interested. Boring you with technical jargon to display my knowledge about watt seconds, aperture, megapixels and focal lengths would do nothing to tell you who I am. I would hope my photos would do that speaking for me.

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More Photos

A Candid of my friend Alyssa performing back in 2017

A portrait of "Danson": friend and former show owner

"Ghost Of The Graveyard" 2017

Santa Artistic Portrait 2017

"The Science" self art portrait 2020

"Red Skelly" Art Portrait 2020

"Happy Chippers" 2018

Studio Portrait 2020

High Key 2020

Lake Duck 2022

Christmas 2019

Wedding 2022